월요일 오후 4:30 - 6:00 - 혼합 세션
수요일 오후 5시 - 6시 - 소녀 전용
LNER 스타디움 3G

Our PL Kicks sessions give young people a safe space to socialise with their friends and meet new people while participating in fun and engaging activities.

Using both inside and outside spaces our youth club offers:

  • Football

  • Multi-sports

  • Board Games

  • Video Games

  • Workshops

Our sessions are free, but we do require participants to be booked on in advance.

About PL Kicks

For the last 15 years, Premier League Kicks has been working in local communities to inspire thousands of young people.


PL Kicks started in 2006 and has a long history of using the power of football and the value of sports participation to help youngsters in some of the most high-need areas.

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